Westland Classic Motorcycle Club

Club Night  Tuesday 11th April 2017

  - “An Enfield Adventure - Mike and Alfie explore India

During their adventure they visited Jaisalmer, SAM desert, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Ranthambore Tiger reserve, Agra, Taj Mahal and finally Delhi.

A good evening was had by all and we were kept well entertained by Mike once he’d worked out how to use the  projector!

We look forward to a similar evening when our intrepid explorers complete their trip around Iceland ,,,,,,,,,,To be continued!

Club Night - 13th June 2017

Guest Speaker: John Bradshaw on the ISDT and escape from Germany.

John gave a very interesting talk with accompanying slides showing the history of the International Six Day Trials held in Europe before the war.    The trial was underway in Austria days before the outbreak of WWII. The British Team was given orders to return home immediately and the German Team helped them to reach France so that they could carry on their journey back to the UK.

A brilliant and very informative evening.


A very informative talk by the Fire Brigade -

Well attended

Well supported

Well worth it!